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Welcome to My Weight Loss Journey

Hi, my name is Debbie Young.  I am a food addict.

Sound familiar?  I have treated food as a drug, a necessity,  for a very long time. I used it as a crutch for feeling sad, celebrating, handling stress. You know the story…maybe you have been through it too. It’s an everyday struggle with good days and bad days where you hope for only the good days.


I have struggled with my weight since the 1980’s.  It started with the Freshman 15 in college.  Then add 5 -10 pounds a year beyond then…every excuse in the book.  I was never an athlete, but I did go to the gym….for a period of time.  Then I would stop.  Gain weight and then start back at the gym.  Well, over the years it all caught up with me.  I actually followed a diet plan, lost about 50-60 pounds. Awesome right?!?  At the time, it was.  Then I started eating real food (not the supplements) and the weight came back on and then some.  I felt like I was going to be fat for the rest of my life.  I always told myself I would never be like the obese person I saw in the store or on the street. 


As the years went on, I had a shoulder and both knees replaced.  That got rid of the pain in those areas.  I still ached in other areas.  Exercising was painful for me, which discouraged me from going to the gym or walking. I was living a catch-22.  I couldn’t win, so I gave in.  One day many years later, I woke up.  Got on the scale.  I was horrified!! I was the person I said I would never become.  I hit the magical number for me….300 pounds.  That was it, I was done. I had to do something.  I was miserable, achy, stiff, sore, the list goes on. 

So, a year ago I made a life changing decision.  I had gastric bypass surgery.  I was scared as hell.  All my other surgeries were necessary, this one...was my choice.  What if it didn't work?  What if I fail in this new thing?  What if I couldn't go through with it?  All of this was floating in my head.  For more than a year, I went back and forth on should I or shouldn't I have the surgery.  Then one day I woke up and say "YES! I am doing this".  I had a great support system in my friends and family.  Although, there were those who were skeptical.  I kept reassuring them I was prepared and I was doing the right thing for me.  I was asked questions like, "If you lose the 10% you need to lose before the surgery, then why have the surgery?"  "I knew someone who had the surgery then died"  I heard the good and the bad.  None of this was changing my mind.  It was set...I am doing this. Then six months was done.  It's an every day struggle.  The habits are still there, but I can control them...most of the time.  I am very happy I had the surgery.  It was the right choice for me.  I still have my awesome support group of friends and family who encourage me everyday.


I want to help those of you who are struggling to decide what to do.  To educate those who don't understand what this journey entails.  To support you in your journey by sharing my experiences and the education I have gained by reading everything I could get my hands on about this surgery.  I want to also help those who are just struggling with your weight loss, making a life changing decision, or simply to be there for moral and social support.  


We all have our struggles, but one thing is consistent ...if you have a strong support structure you can achieve anything.


My favorite quote (from an unknown author):  I want to inspire people.  I want someone to look at me and say "Because of you, I didn't give up". 


Remember....One day at a time.


Love to you all,


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